Taking Out The Trash

Taking out the trash – It’s a great way to kick start your weekend. A good way to start is to clear your mind of the stresses from work during the week. Here is a few tips…

Set up for the week ahead. Take another 10-20 minutes at the end of the day to write your future self a note about what you did that day, where you left off and what tasks you need to get started on first on Monday morning. This method will allow you to streamline your work and maintain a smooth flow from Friday to Monday.It also prevents you from obsessing over which tasks you need to tackle first up — you can relax, knowing it’s already taken care of.

It’s also important let’s it all go on your way home.Try to concentrate on unwinding and celebrating that you’re on your way home. You may feel like you need to rush to get home and relax, but why wait? Do whatever makes you feel stress free -roll down the windows and blast some music, or embrace the beautiful sound of silence after a trying day.
Keeping the balance is an important part of having GOOD mental health.


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