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In life we are encouraged to take care of our physical health, but it’s imperative that your mental health or mental wellness is prioritised too. The below is a basic list of the more common triggers to a mental health crisis. Knowing that you or a loved one have experienced a potential trigger and then is presenting with two or more of these common signs & symptoms it is important that you or the individual seek clinical support.

Common Triggers to Developing Mental Health
Crisis or Illness

• Stress
• Loss of a loved one
• Traumatic events
• Relationship breakdown
• Alcohol & Drug abuse
• Trauma
• Bullying & intimidation
• Social pressures & expectations

• Financial expectations
• Workplace pressures
• Personal unrealistic expectations
• Discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity
• Domestic Violence
• Infertility & perinatal loss
• Pregnancy
• Menopause

Knowing the More Common Signs
and Symptoms of a Mental Illness

To clarify, a “Sign” is what you can see in someone and a “Symptom” is what someone can feel and experience.


• Withdrawn
• Not able to complete tasks
• Relying on alcohol or drugs
• Lack of concentration
• Abstaining from social events


• Overwhelmed
• Guilty
• Irritable
• Frustrated
• Low Confidence
• Unhappy
• Indecisive
• Disappointed
• Miserable


• Tired all the time
• Sick & run down
• Headaches & muscle pain
• Churning stomach
• Loss or change in appetite
• Significant weight loss

It’s important to note these are basic indicators, the reality is that someone living with a mental health disorder may not show any of the above signs or symptoms that is why it is important that as a community we continue to build a positive culture around mental health, removing the perceived stigma and barriers to create opportunities for those who feel isolated to reach out for support.

Help and support is there in so many forms from family and friends to health
professionals like your GP or psychologist.
If you or a loved one needs support, Lifeline is there 24/7, 365 days a year call 13 11 14.

“Knowing the more common signs of a mental health disorder is as equally important as knowing resuscitation, both have the ability to save a life”.

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