#Letstalk Workshops For Schools

A course to encourage people to kick start conversations
about Health and Mental Health

Learn The Skills To Make A Difference

Over the last couple of years we have seen an increasing demand for mental health programs for schools, We have now adapted our successful workshops for the school environment, with content carefully tailored for the specific needs of students and school staff.

The #letstalk workshop is designed to engage, educate, empower and encourage students (ages 12 – 18) to kick start conversations about Health and Mental Health within their own circle of family and friends.

The workshops are run in a relaxed and inclusive environment where we help break down the perceived stigmas and barriers that have historically held people back from reaching out for help or reaching out to help someone in their life.

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Topics Covered:

  • Removing perceived stigma

  • Raising awareness

  • Breaking down barriers

  • Creating opportunities

  • Normalizing the topic & language

  • Sharing experiences

Note: This course is not a therapy or a support group.

  • Identifying triggers

  • Knowing the signs

  • Tools to keep yourself on the good side of the mental health spectrum

The Course

What is the course format?

This is a one hour workshop which is run in an relaxed atmosphere by a qualified facilitator.
We encourage conversation interaction and sharing experiences.

Why Attend The Course?

The course will improve your knowledge and understanding of mental heath disorders and how it effects people every day.
You will learn how to support people in crisis until a mental heath proffessional can be contacted.

Who Should Attend?

Students (age 12-18) teachers and anyone who cares for the welbeing of people around them.

The mental health crisis isn’t going away. It will effect all of us at some time in our lives. The more we understand the more we can help.

When Is The Next Course?


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How To Book

To book your spot in the next Mental Health first-aid class simply complete the form below. If you have any questions about the course you can also use the form below or call Steven on 0405 420 413

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