New Primary School Program

Our NEW primary school program has been well accepted by students and staff.

This is what the best job in the world looks like… ?
Over the last 6 months, we have slowly been rolling out our NEW primary school program “Let’s Talk Mental Fitness”, kick-starting the vital conversation around mental health.
The program is designed to empower years 5 & 6 students with the tools to identify changes in health, help seeking, identify resources available, self-care and the power of friendship.
The impact of mental health education during these pivotal years is really unmeasurable, setting the base for developing a healthier and more proactive approach to mental health/fitness in the transitional years to high school and challenges that they may face in the future.
We are fortunate to have the wonderful support of our partners @gotcha4life & @headabovewater1 that support our work in this life-changing and potentially life-saving program.
1, 2, 3….. #Healthishealth

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