With Care Workshop

Connecting and Communicating Effectively with Family and Friends

Learn The Skills To Make A Difference

In life, we learn many skills but rarely do we learn the best way to truly listen. In our world, we need to communicate non-judgementally with people to enable caring and respectful conversations. The ability to effectively communicate with a person who may be stressed, distressed, or in crisis can be the key to providing the vital support need to help them cope through difficult times.
The Communication with Care workshops empowers the participant to develop the core skills and a deeper understanding of how to identify, listen and support someone they are concerned about or may be in crisis. Our facilitators work interactively to provide a safe environment for the participants to discuss and understand the triggers, signs, symptoms, and the more common barriers that friends, family members, or colleagues may be facing during a mental health crisis across a wide spectrum of disorders from panic attacks and depression to suicide. Participants learn how to connect, communicate and approach people confidently to ask the tricky and often deeper questions, building trust in their own ability to provide help.


Topics Covered:

  • Understanding stress, distress and crisis

  • Recognising barriers to getting and giving support

  • Recognising supportive and unsupportive coping strategies

Note: This course is not a therapy or a support group.

  • Communication skills

  • Suicide awareness

  • Finding supportive resources

  • Self Care

You will be suppiled with a useful 20page workbook for the course

The Course

What is the course format?

This is a 4-hour course which is run in a relaxed atmosphere by a qualified facilitator.
We encourage conversation interaction and sharing experiences.

Any adult (18 years plus) can attend this course

Why Attend The Course?

The course will improve your knowledge and understanding of mental health disorders and how it effects people every day.
You will learn how to support family and friends in crisis until a mental health professional can be contacted.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who cares for the wellbeing of people around them, particularly family and friends.
Statistically, at some point in our lives, we will all have a loved one or colleague who will experience a mental health disorder or crisis. The more we understand the more we can give support.

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